Don't Let Unexpected Surgery Get Overwhelming

Access High-Quality ASCs at Lower Costs

SMS guides you to a surgeon in your local community who specializes in your condition, and who can help you choose the appropriate setting for your procedure. Every surgeon in our alliance regularly uses a high quality ambulatory surgery center (ASC), opening up the possibility for you to have your outpatient procedure at significant cost savings.

The Surgical Management Solutions program is part of an employer’s health benefits program. If your employer offers the program, you’re already enrolled…no extra costs involved.

How It Works

Streamlined, Simplified Healthcare

Connect with a Care Advocate

Employees have access to the SMS program as a free add-on to their health plan. As soon as an employee or family member faces the possibility of surgery, they can reach out to the SMS concierge service, just a fast phone call or simple click away.

Explore Informed options

The SMS care advocate educates on the potential cost difference between an ambulatory surgery center and a hospital, and connects the employee to an in-network SMS-affiliated surgeon who specializes in their condition. The care advocate is there the throughout the surgical care experience, offering trusted support at any point.

Get Experienced, Local Care

The employee meets with the SMS surgeon, who performs a clinical assessment. If surgery is indicated, the surgeon works with the employee to determine the setting that suits their needs. When medically appropriate, the surgeon guides the employee to an ASC for the procedure.


SMS Makes Surgery More Affordable & More Accessible

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Andrew Fairfield
"Sample testimonial space."
Andrew Fairfield
"Sample testimonial space."
Andrew Fairfield

SMS Helps Employees Gain More Insight

Expand Your Options for Better, More Informed Decisions

The right surgeon expands a patient’s options. Some surgeons choose to perform all outpatient surgeries in the hospital setting, which imposes higher costs upon their patients. Connecting with a high-quality surgeon who also regularly uses an ASC opens the possibility for the individual to have their outpatient procedure in a facility that may better fit their clinical and financial needs.

Trusted Support Through the Surgical Experience

Facilitating Local Care for More Powerful Healthcare

With unmatched expertise, extensive on-the-ground relationships, and a commitment to better care, SMS can make a difference in your healthcare experience.